Sunday, July 17, 2011

The future is in our hands

The Week 3 guests have arrived at the West Virginia National Guard armory and they are more pumped to build trail than you can imagine.  They completed the check in process this afternoon.  This includes the Medical check, Crew assignments, Crew leader check-in (information handout), Safety issuing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Contingent pictures, and then finally Orientation given by the I-Corps.

The guests kept entertained by the recreation staff while they waited for their leader to return with information on what to do.

One of the important things that happened today was that the crews met their crew leader (I-Corps member) for the week.
Captain Bowen relaxes with the I-Corps on their couch that they bring to the opening and closing gatherings.

The Week 3 Youth Incident Commander addresses SummitCorps about how thankful everyone is of the work they will be doing to help this area of the country.

Everyone left the opening show ready to wake up early in the morning and get to work with their brothers.


  1. What's the WiFi status at SummitCorp?

    I'm headed there week 4 and I'd like to do some Online self study during the week.

  2. What are you coming as Staff or Participant?